Around 3PM today I feel dizzy, losing focus and blood pumping.

I hate this feeling. I really hate it when I am trying to learn something.

And I know why it came.

It’s because of my irregular sleeping plus consumption of coffee.

I was sprinting last month and didn’t pay enough attention to my health.

And of course, it backfires.

It reminds me of the half marathon ran I did last month.

I was over confident and did a little sprinting around 17KM.

I couldn’t run in that speed for more than 2 minutes, and I suspect it heavily contributed to my cramping around 19KM.

I probably shouldn’t sprint in that run. Neither should I sprint last month.

In retrospection, I realized sprinting can’t you far.

It’s the patient, seeming slow but rhythmic jogging that could take someone far. Very far, amazingly farther than someone thought it could be.

I think staying focused, aiming high but climbing step by step should benefit me more in the long run.

Let’s see.