I find time really files, and before I even noticed, it has already slipped through the cracks.

It’s really easy to get distracted, to spend time on deceptively productive tasks(eg emails), to be pushed by life, and not working towards the most important goals.

In order to focus on the most important goals consistently, re-calibrating on a daily basis is important.

I think keeping a diary is an effective method for me to review and reflect on myself daily, and so to keep myself on track.

That is why I am building Infinite Days.

I want to make it easy to record a day and dead simple to reflect on the past by just scrolling down.

In its near future roadmap, I plan to add following improvements/features:

  1. Improve the current markdown editor, make it a delightful experience
  2. Add proper authentication, to safeguard the content
  3. Add a demo account with lots of records to demonstrate its long-term value
  4. Adding importing/exporting function, so there is no lock-in and low barrier to getting started

Thanks for reading and please let me know if there are any suggestions towards the app.