As a developer, I love using a UNIX-like system installed on a solid built machine, so I love using Mac for my development. And I configure my Mac in following specific way for both productivity and happiness.

  1. I install Dropbox and create a new folder under it called “DownloadDropbox” and then configure the download path of Chrome to this folder (~/Dropbox/DownloadDropbox). So that all my downloads are available in all my devices, regardless they are my iPad or my Android phones.

  2. I install Homebrew from, and then use it to get packages like Node and PostgreSQL.

  3. I install Sublime Text 3 (You SHOULD buy it if you haven’t yet), and then bind it to subl command just like everyone else.

  4. I install a bunch of packages for my Sublime Text and configure some settings to my preference.

  5. I install 1Password and use it to manage all my passwords.

  6. I install Chrome with following extensions: Pocket, AdBlock, Vimium, ghostery and Pushbullet.
    • Vimium allows you to control your browser by keyboard, and it works pretty much like Vim.
    • AdBlock helps me block ads, and ghostery helps me avoid tracking.
  7. I install Oh-My-Zsh and enable a few plugins.

  8. I install Solarized Dark as my theme for terminal.

  9. I install Alfred and disable spotlight. Yeah, spotlight is still a light year away from Alfred.

  10. I imported my workflows to Alfred, and some of them are
    • ⌥ + ⌘ + 3: open localhost:3000
    • ⌥ + ⌘ + 4: open localhost:4000
    • ⌥ + ⌘ + 9: open localhost:9000
    • double ⌃: open Chrome
    • double ⌥: open Terminal
    • ⇧ + ⌘ + p: open Sublime
  11. I install Spectacle from to control the window sizes with keyboard.

  12. I install Alternote from, which replaces Evernote Mac client.

  13. I install f.lux to protect my eyes from

Okay, this is my setup, and now it’s your turn. :)